November 10, 2014

Not the Problem I Expected

The other project I'm currently working on now-a-days is a cardigan for my mother, which will be her Hanukkah present.  The good thing is I've had this planned since around Mother's Day and, knowing this was a little more ambiguous than socks, started back in September. (Funny story with that.  I bought the yarn in front of my mom, on a special trip to WEBS, and explicitly told her I would use it for a sweater for her Hanukkah present. Fast forward to September, where I went to measure her for it.  She asks: why are you measuring me?  I go: for your sweater.  She goes: oh, you're making me a sweater?  I go: ...).

Anyway, fast foward to now and I've got the body done:

If you're interested, the pattern is Raindrop Cardigan from Twisted Stitches by Connie Chang Chinchio
So, after you finish the body, the instructions tell you to block it.  I debated about this for a bit.  After all, the yarn I'm using is mostly alpaca; why should I block it and then try to pick up for the sleeves?  What will that do?  In the end, since I was in the middle of hand washing stuff anyway, I decided to give it a wash. 

It bled like nobody's business.  But that wasn't the main issue; after all, it will get another bath and I'll set it then.  The main issue is this happend:

That is part of the bind off sequence for the armhole. Broken. With four stitches dropped down and saved with split stitch markers (by the way, always have split or locking stitch markers.  They suck for normal use but they're a godsend when you drop a stitch or four come loose in a wash).  I have no clue how that happened.  I didn't agitate it much.  I wove in all ends.  I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

Now, this isn't that crazy to fix.  I need to ladder up the four stitches back to the bind off, then re-bind them off with another piece of yarn.  At least that's what I think will work.  Unfortunately, it's still drying, and I can't try to fix it until it dries.

Now, hopefully this is the last would really suck if, say, the armholes are too big after I join the shoulders together.

November 7, 2014

Because This Seriously Just Occured To Me

That I could, when working a heel flap, just leave the other half of the sock hanging out on the needle cord instead of putting it on a holder like I normally do:

Um, yeah.  Though I still don't like the fact that all my sock-sized stitch holders have run the coop.  I have no clue where they are, and I just cleaned my apartment, so that's not an excuse. The last time I saw one of them was when I made the second sock of this pair:

(Sorry, I forgot to take of picture of them when I was done, and the recipient already absconded with them (it was supposed to be a Christmas present...but oh well)).

However, I can't for the life of me remember what I did with it after I used it on that sock.  Oh well.  Hopefully they'll turn up at some point.  If only for the sake of not losing my stuff.