Yarn Crafting API (Helpful Resources)

Here is a list of links, separated by category, that I have found helpful in my yarn crafting escapades. I'll add links as I come across them.

[Right now, this is a work in progress]


Basic Stitches and Learning to Knit 

Techniques and Tricks

General Resources, Or Where to Go When You Have No Clue 

  • I usually just Google it when I have no clue, but that gets me about 30% good stuff, 50% OK I can see what you're doing but this resource isn't that good, and 20% crap, so you may not want to go that route first.  Ditto YouTube.  Always worth a shot, though.

  • TECHKnitting is a blog of someone who knows damn well what she's doing, and will not only cover the how-to, but also why it works and the pros and cons of it.  A lot of different topics are covered, more than I know of, so it's worth searching. Go here for the handy list of posts alphabetized by title.


Getting Started, or How do I Hold This Stuff?

Learning the Stitches

  • [Coming soon!]

Techniques and Tricks

  • [Coming soon!]

Tools of the Trade

Yarn, the Common Ingredient

  • [Coming soon!]

Where Do I Get...?

  • [Coming soon!]

 (If you don't get the title joke, glance at this Wikipedia page and then think of it being used as a 'wait, how exactly do I use that again?' manner)

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