July 9, 2011

Reversible Eyelet Hat

My first written down knitting pattern, so enjoy!

Reversible Eyelet Hat
A ribbed hat with a simple eyelet pattern that can be worn inside out for a funkier look.

Craft Type:

Skill Level:
Easy+ (you'll need to know (or learn!) how to do a yarn over increase and knit and purl together decrease, as well as knit and purl).

Finished Size:
Adult One-Fits-Most. It's about 20 in circumference at bottom un-stretched and can stretch to about 30 in circumference for the original 100 stitch version. About 8 in in length, but you can make it longer by completing more repeats in the body of the hat, if you prefer.

If you wish to make the hat smaller or larger, the pattern is done over a multiple of 4.

5.5 stitches = 1" in k2, p2 ribbing.

1 skein of any worsted weight wool (I used Patons Classic Wool for the hat in the photo, but while it's not bad, I don't suggest that yarn unless you're looking for something convenient and cheap).  Make sure the skein is around 120 yds or longer, or else you may need 2 skeins.
1 US 8 16” circular needle (or whatever size you need to get gauge)
1 set of US 8 DPNs (or whatever the needle size you used above is)
1 stitch marker

CO – Cast on
K – Knit
P – Purl
YO – Yarn over
P2tog – Purl two stitches together
K2tog – Knit two stitches together

CO 92 on circular needle. Join in round, making sure not to twist stitches. Place row marker at beginning of round.

Rows 1–5: * K2, P2 *, repeat from * to * in this step as well as in rest of pattern.
Row 6: * K2, YO, P2tog *
Row 7: * K2, P2 *
Row 8: * K2, P2tog, YO *
Row 9: * K2, P2 *
Row 10: * K2, YO, P2tog *
Rows 11-14: * K2, P2 *

Repeat rows 6 through 14 three more times (or more or less depending on your desired length of the hat). For the last repeat, complete up to row 13.

Decrease section (switch to DPNs when needed):
Row 1: * K2tog, P2 *
Row 2: * K, YO, P2tog *
Row 3: * K, P2 *
Row 4: * K, P2tog, YO *
Row 5: * K, P2 *
Row 6: * K, YO, P2tog *
Row 7: * K, P2tog *
Row 8: * K, P *
Row 9: * K2tog *
Row 10-11: * K *
Row 12: * K2tog*, K

Repeat row 12 until you only have 4 or 5 stitches on the needle. Cut yarn and thread end through the remaining live stitches, then pull closed.

Weave in ends, making sure to hide them well.

* * *

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